Replacement of the LCD and the screen of the iPhone

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LYK Mobile is a low-cost option for those needing high-quality Apple iPhone repair services. In as little as 15 minutes, a staff member can replace your broken screen or LCD. A 100-day guarantee is included in the repair, so if you have any issues or your iPhone malfunctions, you can come back, and the professionals will fix it for free. Learn more about iphone water damage repair.

Replacement of the iPhone battery

Most iPhone owners have had battery problems at some point. Overcharging their iPhones may be why people notice that their battery drains quicker as time goes by. If this is the case, one of our technicians will do a battery health assessment and advise you on whether your device needs a new battery. In addition, we’ll let you know how much it costs to get an iPhone repaired.

To fix your iPhone’s motherboard, you’ll need to

iphone water damage repair

When the iPhone is dropped, the motherboard may be damaged. Even after a few months of using your iPhone, you’ll notice that it becomes hotter and hotter while it’s in use. Another problem that may emerge due to the heating is that the connections within the device may become loose due to the heating. If this occurs, the motherboard chips may be ruined. To get your iPhone’s motherboard fixed, bring it to LYK Mobile for just an iPhone diagnosis. Experts from our company will examine your iPhone to see if it’s overheating and give you competent guidance.

Repairing an iPhone camera

Is the camera on your iPhone broken after you dropped it? This necessary function of your phone makes it all the more aggravating. It would be a massive loss if it didn’t work correctly, preventing me from capturing memories. The following are possible concerns with the camera:

The flash on my camera isn’t working

  • The camera‚Äôs flash does not match the time it takes to take a picture.
  • When moving between the front and rear cameras, the app freezes.
  • When the camera app is launched, the screen goes dark.
  • The camera app is sluggish.

You may have your Apple iPhone camera fixed at any LYK Mobile store in Singapore. For a reasonable price, we can repair your iPhone’s lens, rear, and front cameras with high quality.

Why Do Our Customers Say We’re the Best?

Quality products and repair services are what we can guarantee to you. Within 30 minutes, LYK’s techs may resolve your iPhone problem on the spot. Our first objective is client pleasure, even if repair services constitute one of our key priorities.

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