Know Your Rights On Cyber Crime Threats

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In today’s generation, almost everything goes over the internet. Advanced technology, internet connectivity, and gadgets have made work fast, easier, and even simpler. People considered fast communication through mobile devices, laptops, and internet connections. But, all these turned into a mess when hackers, phishers, and scammers started to dominate in the online world.

With the growing numbers of users on social media networks, people are also at risk. Social media turned into a playful arena online among business, sports, education, health, and many more. Competition has grown smoothly and it is an effective turning point of marketing methods. But, this is how good things have contributed to the virtual world.

New goods that cyber command secures the netizen from cyberbullying. The worst part here is cyber threats, which many people have been experiencing.

Trace cyberbullies

Tracing cyberbullying online sounded challenging, yet difficult to think about. Finally, you have this software that helps you have peace of mind from the continually cyber threats that you have been receiving. Many people today use online as their channel to pass threats, which is considered a crime.

These people think that their identities are invisible to online users, which makes them confident of threatening others. But, the government is making a solution to this cybercrime. With the use of cyber threat hunting, you can easily trace the person who sends threats online. The Network Detections and Response (NDR) is an advanced application used to:

  • Reveals breach point of entry
  • Reconstruct attack patch
  • Collect IOCs to analyze impact and risk

Is it safe to use?

Yes, it is 100% safe to use and legal. If you think that you have no power and knowledge on how to trace these people threatening you, you are wrong. By using the services of Sangfor cyber command, it is easy for you to trace or monitor those people who keep on threatening you online.

Many are afraid of using any app because of the online threat. It is not safe to use any software because of phishing. But, with this app, everything is safer and simpler. It investigates incidents to trace the person who is responsible for sending online threats. It correlates with endpoint countermeasures and networks.

The threats online are expected, especially if you have been active online. Especially those people who are making a name in the online industry might receive violent reactions that can become a threat sooner, which can be avoided.